Chakra Meditation Course


7 Day Course | 15 Minutes a Day

  • Online video course
  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • Stream from any device
  • Simple music meditations

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Great for beginners

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in chakra healing.

Courtney, E.
United States United States

Love it!

I completed this course and use the medications daily. They have been an incredible addition to my routines. I really like that I have full access to all of the information and recordings even though I have completed the program.

Patricia R.
Canada Canada

Doing my best.

I love the program. Took a few days off as we had other obligations. I am back now and settling into a daily routine. Very excited to see what is next.

Lorraine S.
Canada Canada

So amazing!!

I listen to it every day and it always makes me feel better.

Deborah S.
United States United States

Chakra Meditation

Very relaxing and serene music

Eva J.
United States United States

So soothing

I listen to these every day, I rotate a chakra a day. While working I play the hour-long chakra music in the background and it helps me align and focus, great soothing meditations.

United States United States


These are great quick meditations that I can do every day, as there are 7 I go through the course once a week then start again. The videos are pleasing to watch and the music is very relaxing.

Vincent R.
United States United States

wow, wow, wow...

I had no expectations coming into this, I signed up with my girlfriend and we took the course together, it is totally fantastic, in a week I feel like a new man. There are no words to explain the impact this has had on my life, I am happier, I am relaxed, I am making better decisions, I just feel the best I ever had - seriously, I actually didn't think this would do anything, how wrong was I, thank you so much!

Paul E.
United States United States

Pleased with this course

As someone who meditates daily, I was pleased with this course, It is perfect for beginning meditators, but also gives some great daily chakra alignment practices for anyone who wants to balance all aspects of their lives.

Lorrie G.
United States United States

Simple and Powerful!

Love these meditations, they are beautiful, really enjoy picking one a day based on where I feel out of alignment.

Carol J.
United States United States

Great course

Loved this course, having the meditations to watch online is a plus, I like that they are only 15 minutes each, I feel great.

United States United States


Chakra Awakening in 7 Days

Day 1 – Base Chakra Awakening:
If your root chakra is out of balance you may notice feelings of insecurity, a judgment of others, negativity and negative thinking that you can’t shake or greed.

Day 2 – Sacral Chakra Awakening:
If your sacral chakra is out of balance you may notice co-dependency with other people, feeling out of touch with your emotions, a lack of emotion, substance abuse, a feeling of being stuck or a lack of sexual desire. This meditation music is composed in the key of D to awaken the Sacral Chakra.

Day 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra Awakening:
If your solar plexus chakra is out of balance you may notice feelings of jealousy, self-shame, fear of moving forward in life, disgust with others or being envious.

Day 4 – Heart Chakra Awakening:
If your heart chakra is out of balance you may notice becoming defensive, holding grudges, jealousy and a fear of intimacy.

Day 5 – Throat Chakra Awakening
If your throat chakra is out of balance you may notice a fear of speaking, not listening to what others have to say, a lack of connection with others, telling lies or being a gossip.

Day 6 – Third Eye Chakra Awakening
If your third eye chakra is out of balance you may notice a feeling of disconnection, the inability to make a clear decision, making bad choices or a feeling of being out of touch and not connected with yourself.

Day 7 – Crown Chakra Awakening
If your crown chakra is out of balance you may notice a very difficult time entering meditation, living in your head, constant mind clutter or an inability to connect with yourself in any spiritual way.

BONUS TRACK! 60 Minute Chakra Awakening
Meditate to this audio, or simply play in the background as you go about your day to align the chakras every day.